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Taking surveys online is one of the best ways to earn some extra money online, although most survey sites offer far less than ten dollars an hour going even as low as one dollar an hour.

In short, most survey websites SUCK, because of this, many people associate survey websites with words like a waste of time, not worth it, etc.. which most of the sites are.

Well, I’m here to tell you something different. On SurveyJunkie you can make ten dollars an hour easily by filling out questionnaires. I came across their website when I was browsing the web and was really interested in their earn $10 an hour claim. So I tried it out.

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What is SurveyJunkie?

SurveyJunkie is a survey website offering extra high easy earnings.

It’s very very straightforward and here’s how you get started:

  • Create an account.
  • Browse their categories.
  • Select a survey that catches your interest.
  • Complete the survey.
  • Once completed, cash will be added to your account.
  • Continue completing surveys until you can cash out.
  • Cash out via PayPal when you reach the 10$ threshold.

How does it work?

You earn “points” exchangeable for gift cards or PayPal balance by answering questionnaires.

1,000 points = $10

Most surveys will bring in between 100 and 200 points and take around 15 minutes, so it doesn’t take long to reach the threshold.

Unlike other survey platforms, this company will immediately add the points your account. This is extremely useful because your money doesn’t sit around doing nothing.

What about their $10 per hour claim?

It is extremely believable. I tried this for 40 minutes and made 12 dollars. I think that SurveyJunkie is a great service to make an easy extra buck answering questions. You should join and start earning for some easy extra cash!

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